The Wines family cordially invites you, and all your wine-drinking friends, to a tasting of our eccentricity, our humor, and our experiences. Follow our blog and we’ll inform you, educate you, make you sound smart at parties, and most importantly, we’ll make you laugh.

We don’t own a winery (yet), we are not certified sommeliers, and we don’t even bother pretending to be snooty. We are your everyday, crazy family who loves wine and each other. The Wines’ like to travel, visit wineries, drink wine, eat great food, drink wine, make friends, drink wine, laugh and drink wine. But we are constantly learning new things and discovering new wines to share with the rest of the world. Each member of this family will share their findings and unique knowledge with their own voice and personality.

It’s a privilege to know the Wines family. It’s even more of a privilege to be a part of it. Join us in celebrating everything we learn and love about wine.

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