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Richard and Colleen Clare Wines were the picture perfect couple of the World War II era. Richard (also known as Dick) served as a B-29 radio operator, stationed in Guam during WWII and spent his post-war life as a salesman. Clare worked for General Motors and was a delegate to two national political conventions.


Every evening, Dick and Clare would send their six children off to their rooms so that they could have their cocktail hour and catch up on the day in peace. They continued this tradition until Dick passed away at 90 years old in 2013. Clare reunited with her beloved one evening, almost three years later, for cocktail hour in heaven.


The two are survived by those six children, nine grandchildren and now a handful of great-grandchildren. Those six children have spent their lives responding to the person pouring their glass, “Yes, my last name is Wines, like the bottle.”

Who wrote this?

My name is Megan and I’m one of those nine grandchildren. After years of this blog existing as merely a concept thrown around in conversation amongst the Wines family, I decided to finally get it started.


I would rate my knowledge of wine as slightly above average. I actually come from a background of writing about sports and have worked in marketing and public relations. But, one thing has always been a constant in my life: wine.

My appreciation of the drink comes from getting awesome recommendations and regular shipments from my mom, Wendy (thank you), and gathering with the crazy Wines family to share bottles and laughs.

So, why should you care what I think? 

Like the majority of the general population, I like my wine accessible. I like it affordable, I like it slightly chilled, I like it understandable and I like a glass of it in one hand at all times.

Sound relatable?

Just think of me as a friend giving you some really useful advice. The world of wine is not scary or intimidating. It is a wildly interesting universe to dive into and there is a lot to learn, but no one said you had to know it all.

Seriously, if you know one interesting fact about wine, you can re-use it as an icebreaker the next time you’re sipping warm Barefoot cabernet out of a plastic cup at a miserable networking event. We’ll help you out.

Myself and the Wines family like to keep it simple. We won’t direct you to over-the-top, overpriced wine experiences when all you’re looking for is the right jug of red to use for your Cinco de Mayo sangria.

We’ll also keep it positive. We understand everyone has a different palette, so what might taste bad for one of us, might be great for someone else. You are the judge of your own, unique wine experience. If we don’t have anything good to say, we won’t say it.

Finally, we’d love to hear from you. What are you dying to know about wine? Tell us in the comments and give us a follow on our Twitter and Instagram. Cheers!



  1. Hi, Meghan! I am one of the lucky hordes of quasi-professional tasting room flunkies to have clinked stemware with you! I haven’t yet developed my WordPress site, but am excited to see your progress! Your entries have been fun to read and sip to, and I hope you continue to post and partake! Cheeeeeers!


    • Of course, Mitch! How could I forget you?! We will stay in contact, I’d love to have your contributions on here. Looks like I need to take a trip back to El Dorado County soon!


      • I am not only at Jodar on Monday through Wednesday, but now work as the Hospitality Manager at Shadow Ranch Winery in Fair Play in the south portion of El Dorado County. The next two weeks will be messy with the Passport event, but visit me soon anyway! It’s easier to reach me on Facebook under Mitch Foster and look for Placerville!


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